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What are the payment options?

Our payment partner is Razorpay therefore you have all the safest options to pay online such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking, Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm Etc.

What is Devoue Epris ? How do we pronounce it ?

"Devoue Epris" is a clothing brand by "Adiyogi Enterprises", we are semi clothes manufacturer & our motive is to provide the branded quality clothes at affordable price. You can pronounce it as (Devoue - Epri ) where "s" is silent. Want to know more visit here .

What is your return policy?

You can return or replace your order within 7 days if you are having size issues or the product which you ordered you received in bad or broken condition. Read More Here

In how many days I can receive my order ?

You can receive your order within 5 - 7 business its the maximum time taken for delivery although we had delivered 80% of our orders within 3 - 4 business days.

How can I return or replace my order ?

Process is very simple you have to send a mail to us at for more details visit Here.

What if I didn't received my order within 7 days ?

It's a very rare condition in which it took more than 7 days to reach order at destination but if it happens with you ! we suggest you to call us at +91 9548896784 after 7th day we will help you with your order ! Don't hesitate to call us for our support ! We are always with you !