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About Us

Tired of walking through endless shops, looking for just the right item? Enter Devoue Epris, where you’ll find a huge selection of goods at unbeatable prices, only a few clicks away.

Devoue Epris was founded by a group of like-minded fashion devotees, determined to deliver style to shoppers all over India. Our store policies are fair and generous, our customer service is smart and useful. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping online today and find out more about what makes us so special.


"Devoue Epris" was founded in year 2019 and planned to launch it in year 2020 after a lot of market research but due to covid 19 we were unable to launch our brand in 2020 and plan was postponed.

Later on July 2021 we launched our brand, our company works on words which means we truly do/deliver what we say without hiding any secrets or information.

"Devoue Epris" is a combination of two French words ("Devoue+Epris"="Devoted In Love") our main motive is to provide the quality product to our customers at affordable price. currently we are manufacturing only clothes in limited quantity.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Premium And Branded Quality Clothes Only.

  • Fastest Delivery

  • 24x7 Customer Support With Super Fast Query Resolve

  • 7 Days Return/Replace Policy

  • Fastest Refund Transfer

Redefine Your Style Statement With Devoue Epris

Simplicity in every way is an extension of your personality. With our simple yet elegant clothes, you are sure to redefine your daily look. With the basic t-shirts that suit your casual as well as formal attire, Devoue Epris presents you with the ultimate range to modernize your wardrobe.

T-Shirts That Blend Your Mood

Unfold your dressing mood with Devoue Epris. Let our clothes speak your state of mind. Every t-shirt we design for you carries it with emotion to suit your ‘present spirit’. The variable t-shirt options give you the freedom to easily pick and choose one for each mood. Every style in the basket is a mirror reflection of your personality. You are sure to like each quote and design we create for you.

Quality That Comforts You

We do not always dress to impress, we dress to delight our soul! Devoue Epris brings you quality clothing at economical prices. We construct your t-shirts with the use of quality and premium cotton to ensure high comfort and luxury in your daily clothing. We are not like others, we do what we say which means we truly deliver what we say.

What Is GSM ?

The term “GSM” stands for “grams per square meter.” For this standard, the weight of various types of paper is measured from a sample sheet cut to one square meter in size. No matter the length or width the paper becomes, the weight measurement is always taken from the square meter sheet.

What GSM Do We Use ? What Do We Mean By Premium Quality ?

We use 220 GSM fabric to manufacture our T-shirt which makes our T-shirt a little heavy but also makes it more comfortable. 220 GSM – This is the most premium fabric used by top end brands therefore we use this fabric to provide our customers a branded quality at reasonable price. We are a company of words, we deliver what we say !